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Bail Bonds in Rocky Hill, CT: What You Need To Know

Defendants could pay a steep price if their bail isn’t paid.

Without paying bail, defendants are jailed until their court date. In lengthier trials, defendants could be jailed for weeks or months.

It doesn’t matter if the defendant is eventually found innocent. When bail isn’t paid, they lose their ability to take care of important, everyday matters.

But bail can be expensive. Luckily, defendants can use bail bonds in Rocky Hill, CT if they can’t pay the full amount of their bail.

This post will explain what a bail bond is and how to get one. With this knowledge, you or a loved one will be ready to post bail and let defendants tend to their livelihood.

Bail vs. Bail Bond

Connecticut courts use bail to make sure that defendants won’t avoid their court dates. Bail will be repaid to the payer if the defendant dutifully arrives for their trial.

The payer legally forfeits their payment if the defendant does flee from court. In that case, they are now fugitives, and courts issue warrants for their arrest.

While different cases have different bail amounts, some cases have no bail option at all. Crime, flight risk, and jurisdiction all affect a case’s bail amount.

If defendants cannot pay bail, they can use Rocky Hill, CT bail bondsmen for bail bonds. Bail agents use CT bail bonds in Rocky Hill as legal promises to the court.

These promises entail that the defendant will appear in court as instructed. If not, then the bail bondsman will pay the entire bail amount.

How Bail Bonds Work

When a defendant is charged, their judge sets their bail amount. Then defendant or their representing party will seek a bail bondsman in Rocky Hill, CT if the amount is too high.

Although every bonds agency operates by its own unique rules, they all follow Connecticut law regarding bail bond payment. Bail bonds cut down bail fees, but be prepared to have your wallet handy for the discount. 

Defendants must pay $50 for a bond of $500 and under. Bonds that cost between $500-$5000 mandate defendants to pay up to 10%.

For bonds costing $5000+ defendants must pay 7% of the rest of the bond amount. If defendants fail to pay their bondsman, then the bondsman can revoke their bond.

How do I Get Bail Bonds in Rocky Hill, CT?

A bail bond is more than just a payment. Bail bonds also prevent defendants’ lives from getting completely uprooted, allowing them to continue their lives while they await the results of their trial.

Otherwise, defendants’ livelihoods can fall apart, whether defendants are found guilty or innocent. Trying to piece back housing or finances from a failure to pay bail can cause nearly permanent damage.

To get bail bonds in Rocky Hill, CT, use the services of a Rocky Hill bail bondsman. Anthony Bail Bonds understands how important Rocky Hill, CT bail bonds are to a defendant’s livelihood. So whether you’re a defendant or their loved one, contact us to start posting bail on their behalf.

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